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Frequently asked questions

Do you do quotes over the phone?

No we like to come out and view your property so that we can give an accurate price.

Do you provide a packing service?

HCS provide a packing service and this can include dissembling and reassembling. It includes trampolines, wardrobes and beds.

How do we pay?

HCS take a 25% deposit once you decide to use our removal service this provides you with flexibility regarding moving and the date. 5 days prior to the removal we receive full payment.

What time do you arrive on the day?

HCS will arrive between 7-9 am on the day. Unless you advise us differently.

How will you transport clothes?

On the day we will provide you with covered garment rails which are emptied on arrival at our new property. This keeps all your hanging garments clean and protected.

How will you protect my furniture?

HCS use special protective covers, TV covers, bubble wrap for glass goods, shrink wrap for wardrobes and chest of drawers and white goods, mattress covers, padded bags for sofas and furnishings.

Do you dissemble furniture?

HCS will identify any items that may need to be dismantled and ask if you require us to do it. HCS will quote separately for this, depending on the quantity and size will determine whether it will be included in the price or as an extra. Anything our staff dismantle will be re-assembled. Please note that Flat pack furniture is not designed to be dismantled and re-assembled and as a result, any damage caused would not be covered by insurance.

What happens if you damage our possessions?

Accidents, although unlikely do happen. HCS will always take the greatest care with your possessions, if we do unfortunately break something we will repair it, or if repair is not possible, replace it. If a small item we will pay you back, if it is a larger and more expensive piece we will go via our Insurers. Before we depart we will ask you to sign delivery note confirming that you are happy with the service and that all property is as it left your old property.

Cancellation and change of date – how do HCS manage this?

As long as you have paid your 25% deposit we will ensure that we can move you on the date required, please see our terms and conditions about cancellations.

Do you charge waiting time fees?

HCS endeavour to work with the customer and prior to the move day will discuss with them position in the chain and ways to ensure a swift exchange of keys. However, if the keys are not received until after 4pm HCS will have to charge you waiting times which is calculated depending on the volume of the removal and number of men used. Feel reassured this rarely occurs.

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